Refresh Telecom is pleased to announce a new partnership with CounterPath Corporation to develop a complete softphone integration solution based off their Bria client platform. This now offers the ability for Refresh Telecom clients to utilize numerous types of mobile and desktop computing devices to place calls and interact with their business phone system!

With the Bria Stretto software, a user can place and receive high-definition phone calls, and put them on hold, transfer, and forward them just like they would do with a desktop headset. The software’s advanced contact management allows for custom organization with unique avatars, the ability to add contacts during a call, and even to synchronize them with the user’s device. Users can also send instant text messages to one or more headsets or softphones in their network, and place video calls between supported devices. Other features include do-not-disturb mode and easy access to voicemail.

For each softphone extension that is set up for your phone system, Refresh Telecom will provide one Bria Stretto license at no charge. The Bria Stretto software is available for use on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry 10 smartphones, iPad and Android tablets, and Windows and Mac computers. Setting it up is easy, as once the software is installed, all one has to do is log in with an assigned username and password, and the configuration will occur automatically.

For more information on how this new software can benefit your organization, give us a call at 888-777-2856.