Latest VoIP Phone Hardware

FREE fully customizable premium phone features and reliability at an affordable price.

FREE calls in the US or Canada

Phone numbers available with any area code in the U.S. with the highest broadband call quality.

Professional VoIP Features!
Upgrading your company’s phones is even easier when you work with Refresh Telecom.


Save up to 50% per month with no annual contracts, no termination fees, no surprises! Plus unlimited nationwide calling in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico!

Advanced PBX Configuration

Our clients that have made the switch have seen a seen a night and day difference between their old PBX systems and their new VoIP phones. Not just in quality and reliability, but in cost savings as well.  

Cloud-Based System

Refresh Telecom‘s cloud-based phone system offers an all-inclusive business phone solution to help unify communications throughout your organization.

Listen to your voicemails from your email – no prompts required
Your voice mailbox can be configured to automatically and instantly send voicemails as sound files to your inbox, allowing you to simply click on the link to listen to the message, anytime and anywhere. Save, delete, and forward any voicemails from your inbox and the changes will be reflected automatically in your system.
Fully Featured Web Interface Control Panel
  • Integrated Support built directly into the user control panel for your convenience. Any questions you may have can be answered from your control panel.
  • Stream or download your detailed recorded phone conversations and view your call history at your own convenience.
  • Our system completely eliminates the use of a standard fax machine and migrates your use of faxes over to the digital age.
Save time and stay connected with voicemail-to-text transcription!
Voicemail transcription converts your voicemails to text so you can read them on your computer, iPhone, or Android device. The voicemail transcription service from Refresh Telecom helps you quickly and conveniently get the message when you can’t listen to the recording.
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IT Solutions
Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot and fix all network issues. Our remote desktop software lets us see exactly what the end user is having trouble with so our technicians can remedy the situation quickly and efficiently.

When remote support isn’t enough our technicians will come out to your place of business and deliver quick and professional service. Our fleet of vehicles is ready round the clock and each technician is equipped with the tools to complete any task.

Pricing and Features

What our customers say..

We have been using Refresh Telecom for over 6 months now and I can honestly state there is simply no better Telecom solution available to small businesses. Support, customer service, and their services are literally unbeatable. We have saved quite literally thousands of man hours (equating to increased revenue/profit) by using Refresh Telecom and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
Charles Carver
CEO, iComply International
Not only is our new IP Phone System cost effective but it has more features than we will ever use. A similar analogue system was going to cost us several thousand dollars to upgrade not to mention the reoccurring cost for our phone lines. With this new system, we have unlimited lines and our monthly cost is more than 70% less than what we were paying previously. This system will pay for itself within a year of use.
Derek Horstmeyer
Branch Manager, NCS
We had been on a quest to find a reliable but still affordable telecom system solution. We have been through numerous phone services but none that where able to meet our taste. We where referred by a business partner who had nothing to say about Refresh Telecom except great things. We’ve been using Refresh Telecom for almost 7 months and have no intentions of making another switch. We have found our home.
Austin Lenski
Product Service Manager, TRN