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  • Refresh Telecom Unveils Updated Phone Hardware Lineup with New 12-Line and Conference Phone Models

    Posted by: Andre Klass

    Refresh Telecom is refreshing the hardware lineup with the addition of several newly released Grandstream models to our inventory, offering a widened range of functionality options to fulfill a variety of potential needs.

    The Grandstream GXP2170 is the all new 12-line option being offered by Refresh Telecom. It boasts a 4.3" LCD color display with a 480x272 resolution. Like the other high-definition Grandstream phones, the GXP2170 also features auto-sensing gigabit network support to autonomously maximize call clarity, and power-over-ethernet technology to eliminate the need for the wall adapter on supported networks. 5-way conferencing is also a standard capability, as well as support for Bluetooth accessories and Plantronics headsets. The GXP2170 supports integration for up to four GXP2200EXT modules with 40 BLF/speed-dial keys each, for a potential configurable total of 160 hotkeys.

    The Grandstream GAC2500 is the first conference-specific phone being debuted by Refresh Telecom, and the second to be based off the Android platform. This 6-line high-definition conference phone has a 4.3" touchscreen display, which enables the user to access the full capabilities of the Android operating system, including the ability to connect to wi-fi and access the Play Store. It also has integrated Bluetooth and power-over-ethernet capability.

    The new Grandstream GXP1630 supersedes the GXP1628 as the new intermediate low-cost model. The GXP1630 is a 3-line phone with a larger 2.98" 132x64 resolution backlit display, whereas the GXP1628 is a 2-line phone with a 2.95" 132x48 display. Like its predecessor, the GXP1630 has 3 XML programmable softkeys, 8 BLF/speed-dial keys, 4-way conferencing, and power-over-ethernet support.

    The 3-line GXP2130 is also being succeeded by the GXP2130 v2, which adds Bluetooth integration to the existing design.

    For more information about the different models of hardware and the Refresh Telecom service, visit our website at, or call us toll free at 888-777-2856!



  • Refresh Telecom Headquarters Closed September 11th for Hurricane Irma

    Posted by: Andre Klass

    Due to Hurricane Irma, Refresh Telecom's Altamonte Springs headquarters will be closed on Monday, September 11th. We will reopen for regular hours at 9am on Tuesday, September 12th, weather permitting. For service emergencies only, please call 407-267-2900.

    Visit for important preparation tips and updates on Hurricane Irma.

  • Commemorating 15 Years of A1 Assets

    Posted by: Andre Klass


    LONGWOOD, Florida (December 29, 2016) - A1 Assets is commemorating the completion of its 15th year of operations with huge growth and record success.

    A1 Assets was founded by David Leavitt in 2001 as an organic small business based in Longwood, Florida. Originally named Dave's Bargain Outlet, the company started with selling and auctioneering surplus equipment from corporate and government entities. David changed the name as the business expanded and evolved into a certified electronic recycling company. A1 Assets currently holds all of the relevant certifications under the latest responsible recycling standards, including ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, and R2:2013. To date, A1 Assets has processed over 65 million pounds of electronic recyclables, including 6.5 million pounds this year alone.

    Today, A1 Assets remains a leader in surplus equipment management and auctioneering under the Technology Surplus Depot brand. The company also refurbishes and resells computer systems direct-to-consumer under its retail brand Refresh Computers, which is well recognized in the Central Florida community for its low prices and customer service. Both divisions have individually surpassed $1 million in sales in 2016.

    A1 Assets also incubated the business telephone company Refresh Telecom, which over five years became the fastest growing FCC-registered phone company in the United States. Operating on the IBM Softlayer enterprise platform, Refresh Telecom's unparalleled reliability and in-depth functionality, combined with the lowest rates of any business phone service, have led to thousands of satisfied corporate clientele across the country and beyond.

    Within the last year, A1 Assets doubled the size of its processing facilities from 25,000 to 50,000 square feet, and also increased its workforce from 60 to 80 employees.

    A1 Assets has also partnered with numerous municipalities and community organizations, hosting electronic collection drives and other community events around the state. Organizations which have benefited from our events included Keep Orlando Beautiful, Community Food & Outreach Center, and A Gift For Teaching. A1 Assets also hosts a yearly event for employees to volunteer and help cleanup the Wekiva River.

    "For 15 years, A1 Assets has pioneered positive changes in the surplus marketplace and electronics recycling industries," said David Leavitt, Founder and CEO of A1 Assets, Inc. "These changes include turning outdated surplus property including electronics, audio/video equipment, restaurant equipment, office equipment, police equipment, hospital equipment, lab equipment, industrial equipment, and much more into dollars back to the municipalities and businesses from which they came, while responsibly recycling what is not marketable at an astounding 99.9% rate. We did all of this without one dime of 'incentive money' from the taxpayer, and I am so proud of the fact that I created a business that turns money back over to the taxpayers, rather than taking handouts from them."

    Benjamin Paris, Longwood's Deputy Mayor and District 3 Commissioner said, "I love the business community in Longwood and as a commissioner, I try to do everything I can to help. But sometimes, the best way to help is to take a step back and allow businesses, like A1 Assets, to thrive like they have for many years, without any government assistance. I would like to personally thank them for the charitable contributions and local job growth in the city of Longwood."

    About A1 Assets, Inc.:

    A1 Assets, Inc. services Fortune 1000 companies and government accounts across Florida and the Southeastern United States by providing industry-leading asset management services including innovative remarketing and superior electronics recycling. A1 Assets, Inc. is the only company in Central Florida certified in the Responsible Recycling Practices (R2), ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards guaranteeing data security and environmentally friendly materials management. For more information, please visit A1 Assets’ official website.

    Media Contact:

    Andrew Hoopper, President
    407-339-7030 ext. 223

  • Refresh Telecom Unveils New Cordless VOIP Phones

    Posted by: Andre Klass

    Refresh Telecom is proud to present two new high-definition models of Panasonic business telephone hardware, each offering new unique capabilities and flexibility to our innovative business class phone system.

    The KX-TPA60 cordless headset features a 1.8" backlit color display and incorporates new noise and interference reduction technologies. This new model has a higher range and longer battery life compared to the previous model, the KX-TPA50.

    The KX-TPA65 DECT telephone is the first desktop phone model from Refresh Telecom which can connect wirelessly to a base station, eliminating the need for connecting to an Ethernet cable while still maintaining the full level of functionality expected from a business phone. This model works well in complex environments where running cables is either not feasible or simply inconvenient. The KX-TPA65 also features the same 1.8" color display and noise reduction capability as the KX-TPA60 headset.

    Both of these models would pair with the KX-TGP600 base station, which can host up to eight concurrent headsets. The KX-TGP600 features the added capability of mix and matching different models of headset.

    For more information about the different models of hardware and the Refresh Telecom service, visit our website at, or call us toll free at 888-777-2856!

    Panasonic KX-TGP600 & KX-TPA60KX-TPA65

  • Refresh Telecom locates HQ in Altamonte Springs

    Posted by: Andre Klass

    By Cindy Barth, Orlando Business Journal

    ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Florida (December 24, 2015) – Longwood-based A1 Assets Inc., the parent company of Refresh Telecom, announced the spinoff and headquarters relocation of its Federal Communications Commission-registered telephone company, Refresh Telecom, to Altamonte Springs, effective Jan. 1.

    "As Refresh Telecom enters a successful profitability mode, it's time to make [it] a separate entity, allowing it to spread its wings," said A1 Assets founder David Leavitt.

    Refresh Telecom provides fully managed cloud-based VoIP telephone and systems, as well as managed IT services, to small and medium-size businesses nationwide. The new offices initially will employ eight people, and Leavitt said he expects employment to grow to more than 40 employees by the end of 2016.

    Jonathan Sullivan, a graduate of Crooms Academy of Information Technology in Sanford who also earned a master's degree in network communications management from Keller Graduate School of Management, was named CEO of Refresh Telecom.

    The new headquarters will be located at 415 Montgomery Road, Suite 131, in Altamonte Springs.

    Original article link:

  • Refresh Telecom Debuts New Lower-Cost VOIP Phone Models

    Posted by: Andre Klass

    Refresh Telecom is pleased to announce the addition of two new high-definition Grandstream VOIP phones to our selection, which complement our existing lineup with additional enhancements and functionality at the lowest cost bracket.

    The Grandstream GXP1625 and GXP1628 are our latest 2-line base models, replacing the previous GXP1405. Unlike their predecessor, these new phones now feature backlit screens, 2-way speakerphone, support for 3-way conferencing, and power over ethernet capability. The GXP1628 additionally has customizable BLF hotkeys.

    For more information about the different models of hardware and the Refresh Telecom service, visit our website at, or call us toll free at 888-777-2856!

    Grandstream GXP 1628

  • Refresh Telecom Partners with CounterPath to Launch New Mobile and PC Softphone Integration

    Posted by: Andre Klass

    Refresh Telecom is pleased to announce a new partnership with CounterPath Corporation to develop a complete softphone integration solution based off their Bria client platform. This now offers the ability for Refresh Telecom clients to utilize numerous types of mobile and desktop computing devices to place calls and interact with their business phone system!

    With the Bria Stretto software, a user can place and receive high-definition phone calls, and put them on hold, transfer, and forward them just like they would do with a desktop headset. The software's advanced contact management allows for custom organization with unique avatars, the ability to add contacts during a call, and even to synchronize them with the user's device. Users can also send instant text messages to one or more headsets or softphones in their network, and place video calls between supported devices. Other features include do-not-disturb mode and easy access to voicemail.

    For each softphone extension that is set up for your phone system, Refresh Telecom will provide one Bria Stretto license at no charge. The Bria Stretto software is available for use on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry 10 smartphones, iPad and Android tablets, and Windows and Mac computers. Setting it up is easy, as once the software is installed, all one has to do is log in with an assigned username and password, and the configuration will occur automatically.

    For more information on how this new software can benefit your organization, give us a call at 888-777-2856.