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  • Refresh Telecom Unveils Updated Phone Hardware Lineup with New 12-Line and Conference Phone Models

    Posted by: Andre Klass

    Refresh Telecom is refreshing the hardware lineup with the addition of several newly released Grandstream models to our inventory, offering a widened range of functionality options to fulfill a variety of potential needs.

    The Grandstream GXP2170 is the all new 12-line option being offered by Refresh Telecom. It boasts a 4.3" LCD color display with a 480x272 resolution. Like the other high-definition Grandstream phones, the GXP2170 also features auto-sensing gigabit network support to autonomously maximize call clarity, and power-over-ethernet technology to eliminate the need for the wall adapter on supported networks. 5-way conferencing is also a standard capability, as well as support for Bluetooth accessories and Plantronics headsets. The GXP2170 supports integration for up to four GXP2200EXT modules with 40 BLF/speed-dial keys each, for a potential configurable total of 160 hotkeys.

    The Grandstream GAC2500 is the first conference-specific phone being debuted by Refresh Telecom, and the second to be based off the Android platform. This 6-line high-definition conference phone has a 4.3" touchscreen display, which enables the user to access the full capabilities of the Android operating system, including the ability to connect to wi-fi and access the Play Store. It also has integrated Bluetooth and power-over-ethernet capability.

    The new Grandstream GXP1630 supersedes the GXP1628 as the new intermediate low-cost model. The GXP1630 is a 3-line phone with a larger 2.98" 132x64 resolution backlit display, whereas the GXP1628 is a 2-line phone with a 2.95" 132x48 display. Like its predecessor, the GXP1630 has 3 XML programmable softkeys, 8 BLF/speed-dial keys, 4-way conferencing, and power-over-ethernet support.

    The 3-line GXP2130 is also being succeeded by the GXP2130 v2, which adds Bluetooth integration to the existing design.

    For more information about the different models of hardware and the Refresh Telecom service, visit our website at, or call us toll free at 888-777-2856!