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Say Goodbye to the old phone company! Say hello to...

Refresh Telecom where there is no better value on the market today. We ensure the highest quality call processing and reliability at the lowest possible price. Perfect for any home or office, a Refresh Telecom solution can support from one to ten-thousand telephones. We also brought 'sense' to the 'dollars' you pay for your telephone service. One easy to understand bill every month. No more guessing how much your phone bill is or if you are paying for unnecessary features that we provide for free.

Restore and Strengthen your Communication

Try It Before You Buy It!

We care about our customers! For this reason, we believe every customer deserves a 14-day free trial to test drive and become familiar with our IP phones and quality of service before any type of payment is made. You will have basic access to your phone system excluding Auto Attendants (IVR), e911, and any other paid features.

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No Phone? No Problem!

We have several full featured digital telephones to choose from. We also offer a device that connects directly to your internet so that you can use any of your existing analog telephones without the need of ever upgrading your devices.

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Online User Control Panel

Our easy-to-use, web-based control panel enables you to take control of your Refresh Telecom powered phone from anywhere. Play and delete voicemail messages, view your call records, send faxes, and more. Also, includes a built in support ticketing system along with helpful user guides.

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  • Save Your Money

    No hidden fee's, no annual contracts euqals no worries. We provide straightforward upfront pricing that includes all features, nationwide calling in the continental US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Fully Featured Control Panel

    Each telephone is also tied into a web interface control panel that allows you to access voice mail, send faxes, check call logs, and more!
  • Freedom of Voice

    Take us with you on-the-go with the SIP credentials from Refresh Telecom you are able to choose from hundreds of soft-phone applications to install on your mobile device.
  • Advanced Fail Safe

    We have an advanced routing system that redirects all of your telephone calls to an alternate phone number (such as your cell phone) in the event your internet is down.
  • Enhanced 911

    We provide 911 services for your home or business. Enhanced 911 is one of the most innovative features in VoIP telecommunications. It transmits your locations address without the need of saying anything.